How to Improve Real Estate Marketing During Slow Period?

How to Improve Real Estate Marketing During Slow Period?

Every business has its own slow periods and the residential and commercial real estate industry is not an exception. It is critical to take action during this time and upgrade your digital marketing efforts.

A number of real estate agents feel that while in a slow period, they can do nothing to help their business to grow. However, it is a great opportunity to use this period to benefit your real estate business: adapt your digital marketing strategy and build your brand to reach new potential clients when the R/E market gets back to normal.

Company Website

A website is an agent’s digital representation and one of the main points of contact in a nowadays world where you share important information and talk to the clients. Take a to make necessary updates to the website for a “high season”.

Content strategy

Blogging will help you stand out and build trust with visitors. Not to mention, it will help you become a local real estate influencer and give a reason for new visitors to come back again. Do not be sure trying different content types: podcasts, videos, market updates etc.)

Implement tracking

Tracking is a crucial part of digital marketing. It helps you to analyze website traffic, engagement, page visits and specific button clicks. If you use Google Analytics correctly, tracking helps to get useful reports on KPIs that matter the most for the real estate business.

Complete redesign

The digital world is moving very fast. What looked good 3 years ago is not currently good enough. It is important to stay on top of the game and update your design as soon as it is becoming outdated. You can easily research some of your local competitors and get an idea about your future website design.


The world of Search Engine Optimization is complicated and ever-changing. However, it is crucial to understand the basics. Even a small amount of SEO knowledge can make a big difference for your real estate business.

According to studies, results on the first page of Google get over 70% of total clicks. Moreover, top-5 search results receive 67% of those clicks! In brief, you have to be in the first top-five results to get as much traffic as possible.

For your own research, try to Google “real estate agent New York” and explore the top 5 search results.

real estate google result

Imagine being above the “Noble Black” agent! How much relevant traffic you could potentially get? Do your best and adjust your SEO strategy as frequent as possible to be able to compete with “Top Players”

Build Brand Awareness

With everyone being online almost the whole day, it became easy to build awareness around your real estate brand… and adjust it in real-time.

There are several ways to build awareness:

  • Blogging – writing a blog post on your website and optimizing them for Google will benefit your brand in the long run. Your articles could potentially show up on Google Search page when someone is searching for relevant information, mentioned on your website
  • Video content marketing – if you want to try yourself in video blogging, it is your time to shine and share insights about the real estate industry for buyers and sellers. Promote your content either on Youtube or even Facebook to get more reach!
  • Email newsletters – do not forget about your past customers and those who are still in your pipeline. Share blogposts, business news or even hot listing on the market!

Implement CRM Platform

it is crucial to have a place to store all of your leads. Of course, you can try using Google Sheets or Excel, however, imaging getting over 100 leads per month and doing a manual follow up with each of them. 

Not to mention, some of those leads acquired online may sign a contract after months of following up. This creates a problem of keeping a track of all the marketing stages for the leads you have.

A CRM platform will keep a leads database organized. Most CRMs offer a built-in email automation feature. You can segment your leads and depending on the marketing stage and send them automated emails/text messages and assign funnel stages. It will help to improve your results significantly. 

The main obstacle is the price. CRM can be pricey ($500+) depending on the features you are looking for. That’s why we created our own affordable CRM with tons of features that ideally fit real estate needs:

  • Visual overview dashboard
  • Landing page creation
  • Lead capturing right from Facebook Ads 
  • Custom forms and surveys
  • Calendar integration
  • Inbound phone system
  • Automatic email and text messaging & custom newsletters
  • And much more!

If you are interested in scaling your business, feel free to schedule a demo call with us and we will show you around!

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