How “Work From Home” Changed Normal Marketing Model

How “Work From Home” Changed Normal Marketing Model

The normal lives of millions of people have changed in the last several months and continue changing daily. Their needs and priorities have also shifted. Not only that, but the overall marketing model has also changed and we, as marketers, are trying to understand people’s new unscripted behaviour.

Google’s recent data shows new short-lived trends (fades) show up in what customers are searching on both Google and YouTube. The main question is are these “fades” will have long-lasting effects after pandemic ends or people will get back to pre-COVID online behaviour.

Fluid Dayparts

Since most of us working from home, we do not have a “strict schedule”. Therefore, people engaging with the content differently when they used to do it before:

+39% increase in streaming TV from 10 AM to 5 PM during March 9, 2020–March 23, 2020

For the most part, being at home means less “office convos” and people are looking for background noise while working.

Overcoming boredom

With a new schedule, most of us have extra 3-5 hours a day to fill in with something useful. According to data, online users are looking for ways to fight boredom and find ideas on how to entertain themselves:

+100% increase in boredom related searches since last year, such as 3D Printers, Ping Pong Tables, Tarot Cards, Studio Lights and Flashes

New Home Space Ideas

Some necessary home transformations are happening as we spend more time at home than ever. Bedrooms and kitchens became home offices, living rooms now gyms and “fitness corners”. Those who have backyards use them as natural gateways.

+100% growth in the following searches since last year: Telescopes, Astronomy Toys, Water Parks and Slides, Play Swings

Focus on Personal Well-Being

With gyms and fitness clubs being closed or have limited availability, people are focusing more on personal health and well-being inside their homes.

+100% more “online therapy” searches year over year, including Yoga and Pilates Mats, Air Purifiers, Indoor Climbing Holds, Exercise Bands

Simplicity is Everything

With limited resources and changing plans, it Is becoming more challenging to pursue a life-work balance. Therefore, people are looking for ways to lighten their load by searching for “easy” related terms. Someone even trying to find a new hobby!

+60% increase in searches for “easy ___” since last year

+65% growth in watch time of “step by step”and “for beginners” how-to videos

Overcoming Difficulties With Laughter

Another way to stay positive during uncertain times is to turn to humour. People are actively searching for memes, entertaining and comedy content, sharing GIFs, etc.

+100% more searches for “memes” since last year

Era of DIY

With many services and places closed and temporally limited, consumers are getting creative to find ways to stay in their “normalcy mood”. To excel, people are not comfortable to go to the crowded stores to buy unnecessary thing — they prefer to make it themselves.

+80% more searches for “diy” than last year, similar to Tapioca Pearls, Denture Repair Kits, Cocktail Mixes, Carpentry and Woodworking Project Plans, Plant and Herb Growing Kits

+200% increase in global watch time of “coffee recipe” videos

Changes in Buying Behaviour

As DYI searches increasing now, it may cause a shift in consumer behaviour in the future. Since more people learn new skills and consume tons of educational content on “self-made” stuff, they could be more empowered to buy equipment, ingredients or part versus “completed” products.

+45% increase in views of “recipes and cooking” videos in 2020 alone

Moving Forward. Together.

These short-term trends might be just rising while “Stay at Home” need remains. However, it could have a lingering effect on consumer mindset, that we, as marketers and business owners need to adapt to.

We strongly suggest to be flexible in terms of your business and marketing models and follow the top three tips:

  • Get to know your audience better
  • Look for new trends and stay on top of it
  • Think outside the box
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