5 Tactics To Generate High-Quality Real Estate Leads On LinkedIn

5 Tactics To Generate High-Quality Real Estate Leads On LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn’s one of the most popular social media platforms used by millions of real estate professionals all across the world to generate high-quality leads to their business?

But the thing is, not many of them use this social media platform the right way. 

(Source: https://www.easyagentpro.com/blog/linkedin-profile-for-real-estate-agents/)

If you want to generate a wide range of high-quality leads to your real estate business via LinkedIn, you need to apply the right tactics and know all the ins and outs of the platform. 

And that’s what we will be helping you with here.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the 5 tactics you need to apply in order to generate high-quality leads to your real estate business. 

Let’s dive in.

5 Tactics To Generate High-Quality Leads To Your Real Estate Business

Listed below are the tactics we will be taking a look at:

  • Add-In Every Minute Detail About Your Real Estate Business 
  • Make Sure That Your Page Stands Out From Your Competitors’
  • Utilize Local Search To Connect With Local Prospects
  • Join Or Create Groups
  • Publish High-Quality Value-Adding Real Estate Content

Add-In Every Minute Detail About Your Real Estate Business

If you haven’t already signed up on LinkedIn, you are missing out a lot.

After reading this blog post, I want you to sign up for a business account immediately.

Fill in every single bit of information about your business on your page, just like you do on other social media platforms.

Right from framing a compelling bio to adding your real estate website URL as well as various certifications, it’s time you mentioned every possible piece of information about your real estate business.

Once you add all of it, it’s time you uploaded a professional-looking banner picture for your business’ page header.

If you haven’t already one designed, you can either hire a professional graphic designer or simply do it yourself with the help of Canva (that’s my personal favorite drag-and-drop design tool.)

Make sure that your header image helps you display your message in front of your prospects as well as customers. Don’t forget to add in any major accomplishments.

What makes you unique? Make sure that you let your audience know what makes you stand apart from the pack.

Once your prospects head over to your company’s LinkedIn page, they will find your business to be reliable as well as credible, and this will skyrocket your chances of a higher number of your leads getting in touch with you.

Make Sure That Your Page Stands Out From Your Competitors’

There are tons of realtors out there offering the same services that you do.

So the question is, 
“What makes your business stand apart?”

You might have filled in every possible piece of information about your business on your company’s LinkedIn page.

But it’s time you optimized it even further and let your potential clients know what’s so unique about you.

Pro Tip: Add an eye-catching video. You can add YouTube or Vimeo videos that will appear on your business’ page homepage as well as on the homepage feeds of your followers, as a result of the Company Updates feature.

You may go with SlideShare uploads as well.

Add visual content, as we humans are programmed such that we prefer visual content over the long-informative plain texts.

Once you do that, you will witness the engagement rate increasing, helping you generate more high-quality real estate leads.

Utilize The Advanced Search Feature To Connect With Your Local Prospects

First of all, millions of people across the world use the “Advanced Search” feature in order to hunt for jobs. Companies use it to find the perfect talent for their operations.

Real estate agents can equip this feature in their arsenal to generate leads to their business.

With this tool, you will be able to discover background information on the current leads as well as identify the new prospects.

If you come across people who might be interested in your business, don’t ever fail to send them a message. Make sure that it’s personalized.

And believe me, when I tell you this, people don’t like businesses that are all sunshine and rainbows and deliver happy-information to them.

They want businesses to provide them with genuine value-adding information that will help them solve their problems.

Hence, while getting in touch with them, make sure that you position yourself as a genuine and honest real estate agency to earn their trust, without even annoying them.

Don’t hesitate in letting them know that you are always looking out to build a healthy relationship with the locals.

Once you are off to a good start, ask them a few questions. Learn what problems they face the most, that you can help them with.

People just love talking about themselves.

So, the golden rule: Don’t talk too much about your business or your services. Don’t let yourself sound over salesy.

And that’s how you will be able to develop healthy relationships with the locals in your area and turn them into high-quality leads for your real estate business.

Join Or Create Groups

Believe me, when I say this, joining groups will do better than anything else you do on the platform.

It’s time to expand your network. And what a better way of doing that than by joining groups related to your real estate business.

Learn what people are discussing. Contribute your own content. Position yourself as an expert in your local market.

Not only should you join some groups related to your real estate business, but you should even join groups that include various local community members.

If there aren’t any, then create one of your own and add in your already existing members to it.

Joining groups will not only help you interact with your local target audience, but you will even be able to know more about your target audience and gain insights into their personal lives, helping you interact with them at an emotional level.

Publish High-Quality Value-Adding Content

You might already have a blog on your website, with tons of posts.

But, that’s just not it.

It’s time you shifted your focus on creating high-quality value-adding content for your LinkedIn audience as well.

Before you begin, here’s a pro tip for you.

Carry out thorough research about your local real estate market. Take a look at some of your local real estate market statistics

Learn what problems your customers and prospects face the most.

Help them solve their problems with the help of your blog posts.

Once you start publishing content on a regular basis, you will witness your engagement rate to increase over the course of time. And that’s one of the ways you will be able to attract high-quality real estate leads for your business.


Building your presence on LinkedIn isn’t quite hard.

However, it’ll be time-consuming.

You’ll have to face a huge amount of your time interacting with your audience and producing high-quality content for your business.

But before you do that, make sure that your company’s page is well-optimized. This will help you position yourself as a credible and reliable real estate business.

Be consistent.

Don’t quit.

And soon, you will soon be able to generate tons of high-quality leads towards your real estate business. 

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