3 Audiences to Exclude From Real Estate Prospecting Ads

3 Audiences to Exclude From Real Estate Prospecting Ads

Excluding irrelevant audiences from Real Estate prospecting campaigns helps to reduce budget waste and deliver a campaign message to the right people at the right funnel stage, that is crucial for real estate agents

Retargeting Audience

If you have a separate campaign for retargeting, you better exclude retargeting audiences from prospecting campaigns to make sure you retarget those people with relevant ads, let’s say, with buyer or seller offers.

Previous Converters 

That does not only include your current customers who already worked with you but also form submissions or phone calls. Doing this will make sure you are not reaching the same people with the same offers even after they interacted with your Real Estate business. 

You would better create a separate Middle of the funnel campaign with an extra offer or follow-up ads. Ask their opinion on the product they received from you, such as e-book or free home evaluation

Current Customers

You may want to create this customer segment to educating them. Doing this will make sure you are on the top of their minds even after they sold or bought with you.

Let’s say you are running Facebook lead generation ads to collect emails and phone and then contact potential clients. Even though it can take up to 6 months to close the lead, we suggest keeping track of those people and their contact info (like emails).

Whenever you close the deal, create a separate audience list on Facebook and retarget them with educational content like blogs, e-books etc.

It will help them to remember you after a while and can both share the content with their page or refer to you to friends.

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