When people search for Real Estate in Canada?

When people search for Real Estate in Canada?

Take a look at how people’s interest in Real Estate spiked in April 2017. It was the highest point for the past 5 years.

How can we use Google Trends data?

You need to align your digital activities with people’s interests. Be there when they search for it. Plan ahead.


From the data, we can see that the highest interest for Real Estate online is in April. Interest rapidly starts growing every year in February. By the end of February, your website and all digital assets must be ready for an awareness campaign in March. So you’re ready to meet the demand in April. If you start your campaign in March your audience will be “warmer” by April when the interest is peaking.

Numbers represent the Google search interest index, it represents how often people searched for Real Estate in comparison to other topics (0 – lowest, 100 – highest).

Real Estate Trend (Canada 5 years)

Real esate canada trend online
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