Top Digital Marketing Strategies For Small and Medium Businesses

Top Digital Marketing Strategies For Small and Medium Businesses

Digital marketers just like brick and mortar businesses also have to use the right marketing strategies to fight competition. Problem is those just starting or those involved only have themselves to blame for not completing their niche marketing plan with goals, results and deadlines.

The Digital space has now taken the place of the trading floor and being the competition for businesses and marketing for business. As a first step, you must formulate a plan of what you intend doing with your digital marketing. Here are some of the strategies that will help you become a successful digital marketer.

Develop a website

If that sounds easy enough find a qualified designer who can build the graphic design of your website for you. If it is a simple HTML website with a few basic features, if that is all it needs then build it yourself. There may be other methods to finding a designer like the many available since professional website designers may charge $1000 per site.

Remember, it is better to have a customized website whether it cost more or less than a template one due to the appearance it will give your business.

If you want to put a lot of information on your site, then hire a writer, or a professional copywriter to write the content for you. The content is important and if you can’t write it yourself do a careful search for professionals that can.

Use social media to market your website

Social media is going to be one of your most productive tools in your business so plan a strategy on how you will use social media to market your website. Pick two or three that will help you with the strategy.

You want to construct a page showcasing your product at minimum. You may want it to be less or more. Talk about the product and how each is superior from the others. Include a video and images.

There are many types of website that you could use. They may include a blog, a landing page, an article page, or a micro-site. You may want to build several different types of websites that are targeted towards a different target market.

Continue to learn new digital marketing strategies

As technology develops, technology makes it possible for us to expand along with it. When technology altering the way we do business, the only way to stay ahead is to learn new ways how to use it.

Here are some basic concepts that will help your business and your marketing strategies.

Use article marketing

Article marketing is free to use but has impact with the followers especially if you are writing on a product. You can also introduce your business into your articles and insert links to your web-sites

Build a subscriber list

Make it possible for people to sign up on your site for weekly, daily or monthly newsletters. Include a form to add their email to your mailing list. You can use it to send out tips and advice pertaining to your product. This helps you build a bigger list of subscribers.

Set up a Pay Per Click campaign i.e. Google Ads

Use these search engines to show your advertisement. Make sure that you can optimize your advertisements and make it very relevant. Doing paid advertising may be a good option for you since the traffic you get for the least investment is proven to have conversion rates that may be over 1% even.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Take advantage of SEO optimization to appear higher within Google organic search page. Local SEO is a set of tactics that allow your digital properties to show up first within Google search results. Let’s take a look at different variations of google search results. 

Write an eBook or report

By taking the time to build a list by offering a free gift of some Kind, you are making it very easy for people to leave you their personal contact information. Advertise the book or report poorly and you infuriate people. On the other hand, if you take the time to create a well written book or report and develop a relationship with your new subscribers, they’ll pay attention to your many emails you send them.

Publish a newsletter

Email your subscribers news and valuable information that is current for them. It is this kind of attention you prove yourself trustworthy and reliable.

Be a guest on a radio show

Once again I remind you to put your landing page so people can join to receive your offer. Use your landing page as a freebie draw. Make a promise that you will give a free interview to anyone who leaves their contact information at the bottom of the page.

Outsource your writing

You can find professional freelance writers who can write your e-books, reports, newsletters and more for a little cost.

Establish an affiliate program

Affiliate programs allow people who are just getting started in the selling of digital products a short-term work-a-day job to make some start-up money to build up. Before they can make a large amount of money, they must learn how to sell these products online.

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