The Basics of Website Analytics

The Basics of Website Analytics

Before we start talking about the basics of web analytics and the importance of it to an online business or a brand name, I think it’s a prudent idea to go back a little to some classic Analytics. Say you own a business that does its marketing purely through word of mouth. You tell your customers what you have to sell and where your business is located, your philosophy and what you feel about your business and how it can help your customers.

You told your customers all that and so did all your employees, but how did all the other people they told those costs or how they felt about their spending. The answer is very simple. Every employee told each other.

The Internet can be better understood under this scenario as if it were a Cola. Most people only think of the metric they need to measure, their customer list, their ad revenue, web site exposure, and so on. The other items are just icing on the cake. No matter how good it is, no matter how hard you work to make it good, all the other metrics will fall flat if you don’t have an analytics program.

Now in a perfect world where we would measure every metric possible, every company would be putting out burning questions about their sales, every employee would have a bounce line that listed activity in the office, and a queen who feels like cheating cannot even think about how well her business is doing. In reality it would be good. The number of people who buy your product remains less than what you have in stock, but having an idea of how product is purchased has an impact on your bottom line.

The first metric that needs to be measured is merely how many people are coming to your site and just how many of those people purchase your product. Many people just pour the main Kool-Aid into the factory, pour it into a canister, and wham, the canister has a 20% chance of hitting the ground Gifts End. New customers related to Millsers being at Your Business probably just right out of the farm & I’m guessing this is what we have in mind.

But in a perfect world, more people would come in than leave. It’s a lot better to increase product exposure in the market that actually sells through your site than giving your ad to two million people who won’t use it. With a click to sell program your fans can actually visit your website and purchase something when ever they have a chance.

But to build a audience you have to go out and find them and build a relationship with them. We all know that a sale is a sale, but it’s not like a brick and mortar store is just going to close their doors and for good. There are suites designed to make money online, but that’s a different kind of business.

An audience has a better chance of buying your product when you are close to their emotional stripes. Your Web Analytics programs that are out there are a good way to measure which users visit and use your site, but that is only the beginning.

Once the audience has stopped buying will cease, the next fill they will be looking for is the next FAQ page that will answer the wonderful questions they’ve asked, but if they do this, you’re closing the door on them as a potential back order customer.

The next step is really the key indicator, visibility. This is the one stats that is easier to track than any other.

Imagine that you’re in a store. There isn’t just one salesperson in the store, there could be lots. The person who brings in all the customers is the one who makes the biggest difference. If someone is effective at their job, there isn’t a 500 month take off that means they can’t do something the same jobs.

They have to keep improving on finding the best opportunity to find you. Imagine no one knew how well you were doing. Well, if that is the case, you definitely should start doing the very best job you can be.

But if you find this process a little difficult, please feel free to ask feedback on it. Post the invitation in boards, post it into your I-followers, post it on the site general board. I feel this will help us all in our continued pursuit of success.

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