12 Real Estate Marketing Tips For 2021 (#5 will blow your mind)

12 Real Estate Marketing Tips For 2021 (#5 will blow your mind)

Real Estate marketing is constantly evolving as platforms, software and customer behaviour are changing consistently. That is why we always recommend using an omnichannel approach. What this means is not relying on ONLY SINGLE marketing medium, there isn’t such a thing. Don’t get stuck leaving all your eggs in one basket.

Real Estate Digital Marketing

The Internet is the easiest and fastest way to market your brand on a mass scale. However, on the internet, there is a range of resources that you may not know how to fully use. The following are some options to help guide your online marketing:

Brand website

This is your brand’s face and personality. Most clients will perform intensive research online before working with someone, a well-made website will allow prospective clients to discover convincing information on your business beforehand. You can implement MLS listings to your website to attract even more customers!

Quality Images

Unique and high-quality images are your key to your success! When I talk about images, I mean both property to your personal ones. It is important to build trust and rapport immediately after potential clients noticed you.

SEO Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, it is a set of tactics to rank a website higher on Google. Google has an algorithm that ranks web pages based on numerous (over 100!) factors. This algorithm is very dynamic, constantly crawling the internet and looking for the best content to rank it higher. We have a great article on how to make your website visible organically.

Social Media pages

Similar to the website, your potential clients will do their “homework” and research your brand all over the Internet to understand if you are a legit business. It is crucial to create a social page on major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin. Not to mention, if done right, your followers will become your advocates sharing and engaging with your social media content

Facebook Ads

This is the #1 platform for Real Estate agents to generate leads and revenue. How about 100 leads for $500? Sounds exciting, right? Unfortunately, 90% of agents are skeptical about the quality fo those leads. However, if done right, Facebook has endless potential for your business.


Blogging is a great way to inform the audience and attract more inbound clients. Unlike social media, blog posts can be re-discovered way beyond its original post date as well as updated later on for a boost in discovery with the help of SEO. Websites like WordPress and Medium are easy ways to start blogging.

Email marketing

Capturing and developing a strategic email marketing campaign allows you to keep in touch with existing and prospective clients as well as opportunities to consistently broadcast marketing messages to your email list at scale.


Podcasts have been around for quite a while, but it’s only in recent years that the industry has begun to really flourish. There are over 700,000 podcasts on the iTunes Store and counting. Talk about market updates, tips for buyers and sellers and much more. You are an expert!

Traditional Real Estate Marketing

It is hard to completely eliminate traditional marketing when we are talking about acquiring and staying in touch with the leads. While digital marketing is on a rise, we are still sure that traditional marketing is important for every R/E agent.

Attend seminars

Real estate seminars are a great way to connect with other business owners while giving more insight into what real estate is all about. Not only is it a great way to connect with other resources, but it also gives you a chance to tell more people about your own real estate business.

Host your own seminar

Have insights to share with the world? Host and promote your own seminar! We suggest using MeetUp to find attendees for free and build your own small community.

Send gifts

Simply gifting someone something such as a gift card or an arrangement of candies with your contact information on it can help create goodwill, build new relationships and even develop partnerships in the future. Sending Birthday and New Year wishes via regular post is also a great way to stay in touch, especially if this is your past client.

Take advantage of Open Houses

While some experts say that Open Houses are not important in the Era of Digital due to the House Virtual Tours, we believe it is a great way to build trust and personal connection with buyers, sellers and investors.

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