5 Step Blueprint to Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

5 Step Blueprint to Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

For Real Estate professionals, CPL (Cost per Lead) is one of the most important metrics in digital advertising. Today I would like to show you 5 Step Blueprint to Facebook Ads for Real Estate and an example of the ads for you to follow.

Ad Copy

Facebook Ads performance highly relies on the ad copy you create for your ad.

The price will always be the biggest and big factor in the success of your Facebook ads. Do your best and research the client’s market median price. This will help you to appeal to the largest audience.

Apart from price, in the beginning, call out your audience. Get their attention while they scroll Facebook feed.

Add a few details and highlights of the home you are selling to grab people’s interest, so they want to learn more.

Try to find your clients’ pain points and mention them in the ad copy as well. Make them feel you understand them.

In the end, mention your offer and show a clear call to action. Make it “no-brainer”.


Simply put, paint the client’s dream. Use as clear and high-quality images as possible but avoid rendered pictures. Try to find images with blue skies, a sunny day and use the house’s front shot.

For carousel ad, I strongly suggest to include not only the house’s front photos but also kitchen (preferably recently renovated) and bathroom

real estate

Call to Action

You want your Facebook leads to take action and give you their contact information. Make CTA clean and visible. Once contact information is received, you will be able to build trust and rapport with a client.

Try to schedule a meeting as soon as possible. In this case, a client will not have time to look for other realtors out there.

Facebook Lead Form

This will be your main lead capturing tool. Facebook loves when all actions are made on its platform, without redirecting to landing pages.

Do not ask too many questions in the lead form. Focus on the main ones:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • When are you planning to buy a house?

This will give you a rough idea when you’ll need to follow up and main contact information to keep in touch on a regular basis.


There are tons of variations for Facebook Ads targeting. The most popular audience setup is going broad, selecting only your target market’s age ranges and 15-25km around the location you are servicing.

Make sure to exclude realtors. You don’t want to give away your ads ideas.

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