The Truth About Being Real Estate Agent Professional in 2021

The Truth About Being Real Estate Agent Professional in 2021

As a real estate agent, you must hold Open Houses every weekend for the next 3 years. You must do cold calling to be successful and have enough clients to have your business running. Does it sound familiar?

The truth about Open Houses

When you hold an Open House, you literally have the house opened for everyone to enter. You are telling the public that you will be all alone in an empty house when advertising.

There are many stories of real estate agents who have been assaulted, or of houses being broken into. 

The truth is simple. You do not need to rely only on Open Houses.

We all live in the Digital Era. Almost 100% of our attention is on mobile and computer screens, watching videos, browsing the web or messaging to friends. We got used to being online 90% of our free time. And that’s completely normal.

The truth about Cold Calling

Every broker saying that real estate agents just need to spend several hours a day every day calling to be able to build their business.

This does work. This is how most of the agents built their business the first time.

However, if you are to start today, I would rather not go through this process to save you time and potentially money.

Shall I give up these methods?

If you are into Open Houses and cold-calling and it’s been successful for you – don’t stop. HOWEVER

As a real estate agent living in the era of Social Media and the Internet, you need to adjust and use new methods to reach your potential customers and have even more business out of it.

For Open Houses, you can take advantage of virtual 360 tours. There are tons of companies that can help you with this.

Digital marketing has never been cheaper! You can use many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin to acquire clients.

I highly encourage you to add digital marketing efforts to your marketing mix. One at a time.

Are you ready?

Our team helped realtors totally transfer from traditional to digital marketing and get significantly more business out of it. How?

We are not only creating highly engaging social media ads but also providing agents with video scripts for them to create content for their social pages, educate and build trust with their potential clients.

We build email marketing automation for sellers and buyers and take 90% of a headache from our clients, qualifying good leads on autopilot.

If you are looking forward to making a right decision for you real estate business, feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to talk to you and see if there is an opportunity for us to work together

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