5 Ways to Get More Conversions from Your Facebook Ads

5 Ways to Get More Conversions from Your Facebook Ads

I know everybody’s always looking for ways to get more conversions from their Facebook ads. Here are five things I always do when improving my clients’ ads:


Facebook users look at photos and videos all day long. If you want to catch their attention, you need to use stunning visuals that stand out from the rest of the users’ newsfeed. You have 2-3 seconds to catch attention or you lost your potential client 

Make sure you limit the amount of text you put in your opening image – you don’t want to get penalized by that pesky 20% text rule. You can always check that 80-20 ratio with Facebook’s Image Text Check tool

When it comes to writing ad copy, strive to keep it fairly short. In most cases, you should be able to say everything you need within one or two sentences. If your ad copy is a wall of text, most users won’t bother reading it.

Use simple language that everyone can understand, and avoid technical terms and jargon. You can use the Hemingway Editor (hemingwayapp.com) to check if your copy is easy to read. And aim for Grade 7 readability score.

Finally, proofread your copy to ensure that it’s completely error-free with Grammarly.


Social proof can dramatically increase your Facebook ads’ conversion rate. If you have thousands of satisfied customers, make sure to mention that in your ad copy.

Use snippets of positive customer reviews or include one full review in your ad copy.

If you have testimonial videos available, consider using those as ad creatives. Seeing actual customers and hearing about their experiences with your products can do wonders for convincing consumers to make a purchase.

Lastly, once you’ve found a converting creative make sure to share the post ID, you’ve paid good money for it and it helps get those sweet conversions coming through!


According to studies, nearly 60% of online shoppers won’t make a purchase if they don’t have a discount code. That’s a lot of people not converting after clicking on your ad.

If you want to convert these shoppers, include a discount code in your ad copy. 

For best results, put a time limit on the discount to make users experience the fear of missing out and increase the chances of them converting as soon as possible.


If users keep seeing the same ad over and over, eventually they’ll start ignoring it. They might even get annoyed and develop a negative attitude towards your brand.

If your CPM and cost-per-action keep increasing while your relevance score keeps going down, users are probably getting tired of your ad.

To avoid ad fatigue, switch up different parts of your ad periodically. Change creatives, ad copy, and headlines.


Your landing page has a significant impact on the performance of your ads. If you want to make sure that you’re getting the biggest ROI on your ads, you should perfect your landing page before you do anything else.

The most important thing your landing page needs to accomplish is to deliver on the promise that you made in the ad. 

  • Does your ad copy mention a limited time offer for 50% off? If so, your landing page needs to restate the offer clearly.
  • Do you mention having thousands of happy customers in your ad? If you do, you need to make sure that your landing page has testimonials or reviews to back up your statement.

Make sure that the tone and voice you use on your landing page matches the one used in your ad. If your ad has a humorous tone, don’t make your landing page copy dead serious.

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