TOP-3 Reasons For Cart Abandonment (+possible solutions)

TOP-3 Reasons For Cart Abandonment (+possible solutions)

Have you ever thought why did your customers abandon their carts? Here are the TOP-3 reasons…

(Unexpected) Shipping cost

#1 reason customers abandon the cart is a shipping cost. Try to be completely transparent of your shipping costs and consider having a small shipping calculator in the cart. Potential buyers want to see an EXACT cost of purchase, including shipping costs and taxes in the cart.

Even I am annoyed when I see a $50 order from the cart transforms into $75 order when I am about to provide my credit card information.

You can also lower your margin by paying for shipping yourself or include that cost in product price offering free shipping.

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Account creation is a must

We all live in a fast-moving world. And our customers are not an exception. Every second counts for shoppers and that’s why it is important to provide them with a fast and smooth checkout experience. 

Do not force first-time buyers to create an account BEFORE their purchase (Guest Checkout). After an order is placed you can suggest they join your VIP team by creating an account with some bonuses and stuff.

Research for a later purchase

Let’s be honest. Sometimes it is just impossible to illuminate cart abandonment. E-commerce behaviour constantly evolves and a lot of potential customers are simply adding products to cart to compare prices, shipping cost and delivery timeframe or special offers.

The best way to bring the “Leaver” back to your store is Remarketing ads with an exclusive, best possible offer you can provide OR an abandoned cart email. I personally use this website to get email design ideas.

Remember that the CPA (Cost per acquisition) per new customers is higher comparing to retaining those.

What’s next?

Optimize. Monitor. A/B Test.

It is impossible to completely get rid of cart abandonments but it is possible to understand what makes customers leave your website and try to minimize the outcome.

  • Use Google Analytics to understand from which stage of checkout process customers are leaving the most (Checkout Behaviour)
  • Send Abandoned Cart email to remind about the products in the cart
  • Retarget customers with relevant personalized ads via Google Display, Adroll or other Display platforms

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