7 Mind-Blowing Email Marketing Tactics To Improve Performance

7 Mind-Blowing Email Marketing Tactics To Improve Performance

Did you know, that the inbox of your standard customer is overwhelmed with the amount of email he/she received every day? Each email is unique and has its own marketing offer and subject line. There are almost 150 billion emails are being sent each and every day. However, email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with the customer. So, how to stand out from all those emails prospects receive every day?

The way you stand out is equally important along the whole sales funnel, from top to bottom. Not to mention, the marketing message itself needs to be aligned with the customer stage, needs and goals. With that being said, let’s now dive into our 7 email marketing tactics that will help your business.

Mobile-Friendly Emails

First things first. Over 55% of emails are opened on mobile devices. You need to make sure that all email content is easily readable and clearly visible both on desktop and mobile devices.

Email Subject Lines

When it comes to the email subject line, there has been a continuous debate around the optimal character number. Marketers refer to long subject lines of 60-70 as the “dead zone”. According to multiple types of research, there is no increase in the open rate for long subject lines.

However, longer subject lines tend to have higher content engagement and click-through content rate. And the subject lines of 49 characters have higher open rates.

So it really depends on your business goal: do you want clicks (response) or email opens (awarenesses). Either way, the idea here is to avoid subject lines on 60-70 characters and try to keep your message short and straight to the point.

Make sure you always test different subject line length along with the tone. Try including neutral emojis to get noticed in the customer’s inbox.

Clear Call-To-Action

There is a number of various call to actions that you can use in email marketing. For example, QR codes, call nows, coupons, dynamic content tailored to customer’s past activity and so on. Regardless of its type, call to action has to be clear and stand out in the emails you send. Not to mention, email readers need to understand the purpose of the call to action and where it will lead them.

Send Emails After Work Hours

While many marketers send emails during work hours (usually around 1-2pm), we see the best open rates after 5pm. The best strategy would be sending those emails around 8-11pm.

email marketing statistics

Keep in mind that the optimal emailing time usually depends on customer behaviour, inbox crowding and timing when other businesses start their email marketing efforts. The best suggestion here is to test different time periods and analyze the difference between open rates and click-through rates.

Create Customer Segments

Creating customer segments is proven to increase both open & click-through rates dramatically and almost eliminate unsubscribes. This is why most marketers use segmentation to boost the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

With specific segments, it is much easier to come up with the subject line that will appeal to your clients. This, obviously, will lead to higher open rates and click-through rates.

There are various ways to slice and dice customer segments. These are several examples for you to get started:

  • New subscribers: send newly subscribed clients a welcome email.
  • Email preferences: subscribers who want to hear about blog posts vs. those who only want sale notifications.
  • Interests: subscribers who like rap music vs. those who like classical.
  • Open rate: send a special offer to those subscribers who are the most engaged with your emails.
  • Inactivity: remind subscribers who haven’t engaged (opened or clicked) for a while of the next step you want them to take.
  • Lead magnet: send targeted emails based on the topic of the lead magnet that they opted-in for.
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment: remind subscribers who put items in their cart that they haven’t checked out yet.

Offer Free Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff. So do your customers. For instance, if you are selling software, you can give out a free trial. It entirely depends on your business niche and how far you want to go. Below is an example from one of the businesses where they offer a free e-book.

email free stuff

Measure Success

Measuring your email marketing success is key to a BIG win. You have to keep an eye on everything you do and test. Either it is a small tweak (i.e. adding emoji to subject line) or shifting times when you send emails – it all has a huge impact on all of your future email campaigns.

Do not test multiple thing at a time. And always keep tweaking your email marketing. One tweak at a time.


With all those new channels appearing every day, email marketing still delivers results. However, it is evolved and you can no longer send the same emails to every customer.

With these 7 simple steps, you can easily take your email marketing performance to the next level. Never stop testing, grow your newsletter audience and follow new trends that appearing on the horizon!

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