How to Grow Real Estate Newsletter Subscribers

How to Grow Real Estate Newsletter Subscribers

Building a robust real estate newsletter is important to keep in touch with your potential clients, build trust and send relevant content to the subscribers.

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Surprisingly enough, a number of the real estate agents have never tried building the client base via the newsletter. In this blog, we will be covering several ways on how to generate newsletter subscribers with high efficiency.

Promote your opt-in form

Growing your real estate newsletter subscriber list is essential and can lead to a potential sale. There are several ways to increase your subscriber list and at the same time keep it simple for both the real estate agents and users

  • Include a link to a separate subscription page in your email signature
  • Embed it to your Facebook / LinkedIn personal and business page
  • Use it in your Facebook ads

After a user subscribes, now it is time to send a welcome email and educational content going forward. Think about your audience’s pain points and what content they would prefer reading. Come up with the content strategy for the period of 2-6 months and create an email sequence that will be sent automatically to your subscribers.

This way you will not be overwhelmed with manual email sending and will build trust with potential clients over time.

Offer free service or product

Everyone loves free stuff. Real Estate industry is not an exception. Exchange your e-books, guides, checklist, home evaluation etc. to the user’s email address. Usually, when an email address is submitted, the “freebie” is sent directly to the email address to check if it is legit.

Embed it into blog posts

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If you are constantly writing new blog content for your Real estate website, make sure to include an opt-in form right in the middle of the blogpost. Do not forget to state that if they subscribe, they will receive weekly blogs right to your inbox.

Create your own email course

Buyers and sellers always looking for market insights and valuable information. It is time to become a local real estate influencer for those people!

You can create a separate page on your website and ask for name, email and desirable topic subscribers want to get. After they submit a form, an automatic email sequence will start to send emails with valuable pieces of information directly to their inboxes

For example, you can create a 5-10 email course on the following topics:

  • First-time Buyer tips
  • First-time Seller tips
  • Latest home design trends
  • Tips to increase the price of your home
  • Questions to ask before hiring a listing agent

The main purpose of collecting emails is to build trust with your potential real estate clients and make them feel you are a professional realtor. When you get the email address, try not to sell – take your time to educate your subscriber.

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