Good and Bad Real Estate Facebook Ads Examples

Good and Bad Real Estate Facebook Ads Examples

Every day more and more real estate agents start using digital marketing advertising channels, including Facebook ads. However, with a lack of experience in generating leads online, some agents might struggle to get quality leads for cheaper, especially with a limited budget for digital advertising. The main problems with ads are an ad copy, offer and images agents are using.

Our team tried to find and compare different types of Facebook ads and point out issues with those ads.

Facebook Ad Copy

Most of the R/E agents do not really care about the ad copy they are promoting, coming up just with the first thing that comes to their mind. Not to mention, realtors are trying to do competitive research, find similar ads and just copy them to use in their ads.

However, you need to consider who is your target audience, what is your market, property price point etc.

real estate Facebook ads copy

Let’s compare these two ad examples. You can notice on the spot the ad copy on the right is extremely easy to scan through with those highlights that are broken down into bullet points.

Not to mention, the very first line is an audience callout to make sure your potential clients stop scrolling their feed and start reading the ad.

Last but not least, the Call-to-Action request. The left example just asks to “click-through”. Whereas the competitor’s ad specifically asks to click the “learn more” button. Please keep in mind, that most of the “social media scrollers” are too lazy to think and they need help in telling them what exactly they need to do.

Facebook Creative Assets

According to studies, image is much more effective to catch user’s attention. Unfortunately, most of the advertisers, including real estate agents, neglect this rule, using low-quality images and videos.

real estate Facebook ads image

Comparing these two examples, on the one hand, you can tell that the left image stands out more, compared to its competitor. However, the amount of text on that image is excessive and will not pass Facebook 20% text rule. Therefore, the ad will either get disapproved or get less reach. Moreover, the houses on the left image look rendered.

Whereas the image on the right is clean and sleek with a great view, green trees and blue skies. It feels 100% authentic!

Facebook Headlines (CTA)

Last but not least, Call to Action. This is your primary way to trigger the client’s attention and make him take an action.

real estate Facebook ads headline

In the images above, the goal of the ad is the same – give users extra information about a specific home (or a list of homes).

Let’s take a look at the left image. There is no clear Call to Action in the headline, compared to the right image. A headline is also a good place to summarize your offer in a single line. For example, mentioning a price or a range of prices is a great idea, especially if it is below the median market price.

Not to mention, there is a phone number on the left image that is totally useless since it is not clickable and not a single person will type in a phone number manually to call.

To sum up, there is no rocket science in creating real estate Facebook ads. However, it is important to pretend you are not a realtor but a client, who is looking to buy a home. Understand the needs of the client, pain points and price range that is most likely to trigger the potential client to take action!

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