How to Use Social Proof in Your Facebook Ads

How to Use Social Proof in Your Facebook Ads

Social proof is “the tendency to see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it”. It’s what makes people base their decisions on what other people think or do.

Using social proof in your Facebook ads can help you improve your conversion rates substantially and allow you to generate more sales.

Social proof is based on four principles:


Today’s crowded retail space and the abundance of different options available to consumers make it difficult for consumers to choose the best product for them. This uncertainty leads consumers into seeking recommendations from other people.


People try to imitate the behavior of those that they consider to be similar to them. That’s the reasoning behind gender-specific marketing for products such as men’s soap or women’s shaving razors.


People are more likely to copy the behavior of those that are more attractive. That’s why ads usually feature who are above average on the attractiveness scale.


The likelihood that people will engage in certain behavior depends highly on how desirable the qualities of the individual that’s exhibiting the behavior are. That’s the reason you’ll always see physically fit people promoting fitness supplements.

Four types of social proof you can use in your Facebook ads:

Expert Recommendations

Have your products been recommended by an expert in your industry? Quote the expert in your ads to let consumers know that your products are approved by someone with authority in your industry.

Celebrity Endorsements

Do you have celebrities or influencers endorsing your products? Feature them in your ads to help build trust with their fans more easily.

User-Generated Content

If you have photos or videos of customers using your products, use these as ad creatives. According to a survey by Offerpop, as much as 85% of consumers state that user-generated content influences their purchasing decisions more than brand-created content.

Reviews & Testimonials

Since 90% of shoppers state that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions (Dimensional Research), featuring reviews and testimonials from your satisfied customers in your ads should be a no-brainer.

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