5 Amazing Tips For Effective Real Estate Facebook Ads

5 Amazing Tips For Effective Real Estate Facebook Ads

For Real Estate agents who are fairly new to digital marketing and Facebook Ads specifically, it can be challenging to discover the best strategy out there especially with tiny budgets.

A lot of realtors do not take digital marketing seriously. They rely highly on referrals, networking events and traditional marketing (ex. Billboards).

Nowadays nearly every person has access to the Internet and a couple of social media which they use on a regular basis… And one of that social media is Facebook.

Real Estate Facebook Ads are a fast and cost-efficient way to generate Buyer and Seller leads in a short period of time. Just a head’s up! We were able to generate 100 buyer leads for just $300. That’s $3 per lead!

There is no magic. In order to get similar results and be successful, you need to know 5 proven Facebook Ads technics.

Target the Right Audience

When it comes to Facebook Ads targeting, simply said it is amazing! You can go as detailed as you wish in terms of interest targeting depending on your business niche, select a specific age range and location (or radius around your business location)

However, Real Estate Facebook ads are a little tricky when it comes to targeting.

Location Targeting: Location, Radius

First of all, make sure to select the right location targeting where you are trying to find your potential clients.

I personally prefer to select the whole city especially if it has <2 million Facebook audience available. However, if you want to go narrow, your best choice is a radius targeting (usually 10-15 km)

Age Targeting: Go Broad

I know that a lot of “experts” suggest selecting only those age ranges that are most likely to buy. That’s wrong.

Firstly, if you advertise in the U.S., you are not allowed to target by age since home selling and buying falls into “Special Category“.

Secondly, let Facebook and its algorithm analyze your entire ad: ad copy, images and campaign goal. Facebook knows best who is likely to convert and who is your best target audience. You will thank me later.

Demographic Targeting: Go Broad… Again

For the same exact “Special Category” reason, you are unable to target home-related interests and even zip codes. Proceed without any interests selection and trust Facebook

Custom Audiences: Look-a-like Audiences

If you have enough client data and would like to create similar to those clients audience, create and target Look-a-Likes in your separate ad set

Engaging Facebook Ads Copy

This is the most important part when it comes to Real Estate Facebook Ads. Even with great targeting, you have to get noticed by your potential client.

I will be showing you several ads that got great results for both seller and buyer leads. This is a totally unique piece of information that you, as a real estate agent, need to remember and use it in your ads!

Real Estate Foreclosure Facebook Ads
Real Estate Buyer Facebook Ads
Real Estate Buyer Facebook Ads

It is very important to follow these steps when creating an ad copy:

  • Callout your potential clients to grab their attention while they scroll Facebook feed
  • Mention that the house is at a good price
  • Let the client know the location of the home
  • Clear CTA
  • Never mention the listing’s price. Clients will give you their contact information to learn more. This way you can talk to more leads in person and convince them

Clear Call to Action

This part is short but very important. Make sure you clearly state a couple of times in your ad copy that the client needs to click the link below to get more information on the listing.

  • 👉 Click the “Learn more” button to get a full listing details
  • Click the button below to get more pictures, listing details and price
  • Click below for current prices, pictures and more…

Relevant Creative Assets

You need to make sure that the images and videos are 100% relevant to what you are trying to sell. Take a look at the “Engaging Ad Copy” section and its ad creative examples.

Here are several tips on how to make your Real Estate Ads Creatives shine:

  • Hire a professional photographer or get a DSLR camera
  • Make photos bright and at a good angle
  • Use photoshop to make a house stand out
  • Use grid images (4 in 1 or 3 in 1).

Reply to Facebook Comments

Last but not least – engage with your potential clients.

Good ad copies in combination with amazing ad creatives bring a ton of comments and discussions below that ad. Be prepared to educate, suggest and follow-up with EVERY SINGLE PERSON who needs help

Some of my ads have over 40 comments and takes up to an hour to reply to every one of them.

It not only builds trust around your brand but also shows your expertise in the real estate market.

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