5 Ways To Put Uncertain Online Real Estate Leads At Ease

5 Ways To Put Uncertain Online Real Estate Leads At Ease

During current uncertain times, a number of our U.S. and Canada real estate clients noticed a higher volume of buyer and seller leads submitting lead forms in the last months.

However, the fall-off rate is also increasing due to customers’ low confidence. The leads are there, but it is crucial to building trust and rapport with them.

In this article, we will be sharing top-5 tips on how to build that needed confidence between real estate agents and their potential clients.


If you create any content – that is good. But if you create content that resonates with buyers and sellers that is great.

There is a number of agents who create content and share it via social channels and there are even more agents who do not produce any content and just trying to convince their potential clients to choose them as their real estate guide.

Nowadays, it is not enough to produce just any content. We need to produce video content that resonates with your potential leads and with which you can build trust even before that lead reaches out to you.

Think about your clients’ pain points, address educational content towards a first-time buyers and provide them with useful tips.


Response time is the main factor influencing lead engagement and, therefore, consideration to work with you or not.

The rule of thump for Internet leads is to call a new lead in less than 5 minutes. This way you illuminate the opportunity for that lead to submit another lead form to another realtor.

We strongly suggest you implement an automatic follow-up system that sends text messages and emails to the lead immodestly after a form is submitted. First, it informs a potential lead that the form has been successfully submitted and secondly, helps you mean extra minutes if you cannot call on the spot.


A single follow-up is not enough. After you contact your lead for the first time, you need to do it again and again.

Unfortunately, you are not the only option they are considering to help them in their buying or selling process. Since your potential leads are just testing the water, you will need to make an additional effort to help them come to the right decision. You can call them manually or set up an automatic follow-up system.

If leads already made a raised their hand and submitted the lead form, they are waiting for you to call them and answer questions they might have. Do not miss this opportunity and try to contact leads constantly, even if they did not pick a phone after 5 calls.


In the current digital world, a your potential lead has to be contacted on different channels with the right message.

When we onboard new clients, we are shocked how many of them are just using one digital channel – and that is Google Ads. We totally understand that it is very well-known and relatively easy-to-start advertising channel.

However, we always encourage both clients and our readers to explore other channels such as Facebook and Instagram. It is the platform with one of the biggest reaches in the world and tons of data about its users.

No to mention, retargeting plays a big role in digital marketing. In 90% of cases, it is not enough to deliver a message to potential leads only once. We need to “follow” them across the web al the time.

For example, one of our clients just received a lead who has been seeing his ads for a year!

Focus on the long-term results, start building your real estate brand and become a local real estate influencer.


A lot of our clients who just started working with us (either it is a real estate or any other lead generation industry), had one main issue – lack of proper lead management system. Not only that, but some of them were also using Excel Sheets or Google Docs to keep track of the leads.

There are lots of different CRM platforms with different price points for various niches. However, since every CRM is unique, not a single one of those platforms had possibilities to fit our and client needs.

This is why the DESA team has created its own CRM platform specifically designed for agents and brokerages. It includes:

  • Visual Overview Dashboard
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Lead Capturing Right from Facebook Ads 
  • Custom Forms & Surveys
  • Calendar Integration
  • Inbound Phone Systems
  • Automatic Email, Text Messaging & Custom Newsletters
  • And Much More!

To learn more, feel free to Download a PDF file.

If you need help with lead generation and brand building, please request a free audit to see if there is an opportunity for us to work together!

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