3 Top Creative Ideas For Your Next Real Estate Facebook Ad

3 Top Creative Ideas For Your Next Real Estate Facebook Ad

Creating an eye-catching Real Estate Facebook ad is a key to success. Both the amount of leads and cost per lead are affected by how creative your advert is. You are not the only realtor who is planning or already running Facebook Ads. It is crucial to stand out and catch the attention of users who are scrolling their social media feed.

Offer Something Free

When advertising on Facebook, you need to find a “hook” that might interest either sellers or home buyers. The main purpose of all Real Estate Facebook ads — get contact information (aka generate lead), to funnel those leads further the pipeline with automatic email drips.

There are several ways to go when we are talking about lead generation. However, we found that these ones working the best.

For Home Seller Ads

  • Free Home Evaluation
  • Your house sold in %n% days or I buy it
  • A list of homes in the city
  • Seller Checklist

For Home Buyer Ads

  • A list of homes
  • Single home listings
  • Subscribe to home alerts
  • Buyer Checklist

Feel free to A/B test these ideas and understand what works the best in your local markets.

Record Video About Yourself

If you are looking to change the strategy and focus more on branding, it would be a great idea to build trust and rapport recording a short 30 sec – 1 min video in which you are talking about yourself, your experience, hobbies etc.

These types of videos help to build a closer relationship with a potential client. Moreover, monitor for any social engagement like comments or personal messages and make sure you reply back.

Use Video or Text Testimonials

For most of our clients, we suggest running remarketing campaigns on Facebook to stay on top of clients’ minds. Again, for different markets, there is different content that works best. In our experience, the client’s testimonials works like charm.

Not to mention, you could also record videos on different topics that might interest potential clients. Some of those topics are:

  1. Professional “About Me” video highlighting your expertise and areas of focus
  2. Tips for first time home buyers
  3. Questions to ask before hiring a listing agent
  4. Home inspections basics
  5. Tips to increase the price of your home
  6. The benefits of using a real estate agent to sell your home
  7. Top 5 renovations that increase the value of your home
  8. Latest home design trends
  9. Local Market updates
  10. “Just Sold” video

To sum up, Facebook ads is a great tool to generate quality leads, but to be successful, you will need spend hours A/B-testing and monitor the performance of your ads to make sure you “hit” potential clients with highly relevant ads.

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